Skylark Group
Vertically integrated
operations enhance
quality and reduce costs
Our diverse businesses are well integrated to optimise quality. Our business portfolio has expanded over time to span the length and breadth of the poultry industry.
At Skylark, we integrate
our operations to achieve
two end results:
Hatchery Operations
Caters to both - our internal requirements and external clients through high quality
parent stock
broiler chicks
layer chicks
Our operations bring in the best of both worlds; so while we incorporate a number of best practices and technologies, we have leveraged our manufacturing and fabrication prowess to indigenously manufacture the incubators and hatcher and setter trays as per our requirements. Our hatcheries are spread across various locations in India.
Automated egg grading machines for uniform flocks
Digital incubators maintain optimal temperature, humidity and oxygen levels
Trained and proficient workforce
Skylark acquired a 50% share in Garinno Global.

Skylark established Skylark Sunline Private Limited in Myanmar.

Skylark Protein division started in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh.

Skylark Feeds production starts in Dankuni, West Bengal as well.

Skylark Feeds production starts in Pandaul, Madhubani, Bihar as well.

Latest Incredible Results of Skylark F-15...more

Kalwa (Haryana) & Purnea (Bihar) Poultry Feed Plant are now operational

Our Directors Represented Skylark at "19th World Veterinary Poultry Association Congress" in Cape Town

'BWR' is successfully Launched by Skylark in Andhra and Telangana

Coming up with "Ready to Eat" Chicken Soon

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